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Your website is your online salesman. It’s pitching your product and services to anyone who may be interested to making a purchase. For most people your website will be their first point of contact with your business. Naturally, you want to make the best first impression possible. Having a professionally designed website is fundamental to ensuring this.

Having a website that’s easy on the eye is a great start. But looks won’t get you far if your website fails in converting high value traffic into meaningful leads. Web design needs to be not only visually appealing, but also functional. Specifically in terms of its ease of usability. If a website is too difficult to navigate or understand people aren’t likely to make the effort. They’ll go straight to one of your competitors’ websites to find what it is they’re looking for. 

At Pixel Pie we specialise in providing creative and effective web design for Perth business owners. We don’t try and confuse you with confusing website packages either. We can provide a ready-to-go website that looks and performs like a professionally built site should. But whatever kind of website you have in mind we can come to you and discuss in more detail what your specific needs are.

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Web Design Perth

Choosing the right web designer for you is important. Imagine ending up with a website that you were dissatisfied with. You’d then either have to stick with it or go through the whole process over again at great expense. At Pixel Pie we emphasis the importance of strong communication between the ourselves and the client. You’ll deal with us directly, no 3rd party hassles, just us local professionals committed to providing the best product for you. 


Our approach towards web design is simple. We build websites that look fantastic but importantly are designed to optimise conversion rates of web traffic to leads.

A great website will showcase your product in the best possible light whilst still being a breeze to navigate. Consumers don’t want to feel like your website is a chore. The art of creating effective websites is to direct the user from the point of entry to the desired action with the smallest amount of effort on their behalf.

This is exactly what we can provide for you. We’ll deliver a website tailored to your business identity and its needs. We’re ultimately here to create a website that you’re 100% satisfied with. But at the same time we’re here to offer our professional advice and keen web designer eye.


When we first launched Pixel Pie it didn’t take long to realise the high demand for professionally built, beautifully designed custom websites. We quickly noticed however a gap in the market few web design companies were addressing. 

For the most part, web design pricing seemed to fall into one of two options. Either pay over the top for good yet still basic web design. Or, be tempted into the seemingly bargain priced website packages, which you later find out are missing most of the website features you wanted.

We recognised this as an opportunity to become one of the few web design services in Perth to deliver quality websites at fair and reasonable prices. And that’s exactly what we deliver to our clients today. Don’t spend multiple thousands for the website you envisioned. Give us a call and find out how much you can save by choosing Pixel Pie web design.


5 Page Website

Get a custom designed 5 page website with our standard price package. If you need additional pages we can provide at a small extra cost.

Custom Header/Footer

Template websites can be restrictive. Building from scratch allows for a more personalised look with a customised header & footer.

Mobile Responsive

Mobile design is imperative for websites in this smart device era we live in. We'll get your site looking equally impressive on all devices.

Content Upload

We'll upload & format your own content to your site. If you want Google friendly content to boost search rankings then speak us about SEO.

Contact Form

Make it easy & simple for your customers to make bookings or contact you with a contact/enquiry form.

Call-to-action Features

CTA buttons and features make your site more optimised for conversions and helps guide customers around your site.

Image Uploads

Any photos or images you provide can be added into a slider, cover photo or feature image. For the best final product we can advise on image prerequisites.

WordPress Training

We can provide instructions and guidance on how to access and update your website on WordPress. This will save you time and money later on.


These days if your website isn’t designed with mobile devices in mind then your business will suffer a serious handicap. Responsive web design will enable your website to adapt to all devices, desktop, smartphones and tablets.

Having a mobile responsive website has never been more relevant with current statistics indicating that almost 60% of internet searches now carried out on mobile devices in Australia. This percentage is set to increase to over 75% by 2025. What’s more since July 1st 2019, Google announced mobile first indexing. Meaning rather than evaluating the desktop version of a website to determine its search rankings, Google now officially gives more priority and value to more mobile-friendly sites.

Rest assured, we build your websites knowing that the end product will look equally fantastic on all devices.


When you choose Pixel Pie to build your website, you’ll experience more than just the standard web design service.

For one thing we’re actually based in Perth. No dealing with customer support based in another state. It also means proper face-to-face consultations which are critical to achieving the best possible final product, and ultimately the best outcome for you as the customer.

We don’t outsource any area of our services, 100% of your account will be handled directly by us. That way we ensure every aspect of the work is done to our own high standard. We love what we do and we’re passionate about providing a high quality, reliable service to Perth businesses. Get in touch today and let’s chat about your web design project.


Are hand coded back-end websites worth all that money? Well that depends. If you have very specific demands of your website then quite possibly. Large companies use hand coded websites typically because they need them to perform very particular functions, or to manage the tens of thousands of visitors on their site every week. Building a website with pure code may cost anywhere between 7-30 thousand dollars, with the average around 12 thousand. So, is the cost justifiable? For the majority of Perth businesses most likely no. Front-end web page builders are now so sophisticated and customisable that they can build websites to rival most coded sites. If you really are unsure what website you need then drop us a line and we’ll help however we can.


Strong SEO and well thought out web design are the perfect partnership. Separately they can be very beneficial for your business. But together they have the power to help take your business to that next level of success. You can have the most perfectly designed website ever with stunningly hand-crafted pages, but if you have very few eyes on your site then arguably all that money spent on web design has been wasted. Likewise, having strong SEO boosting you to page.1 of Google is a massive deal for your business. Having poorly thought out web design though will result in all that traffic and those potential leads bouncing right off your site and straight to your competitors. If you haven’t considered SEO already now may be the time if you’re serious about the long-term success of your business.


Due to its reliability, flexibility and robust nature many of the world’s biggest companies, including Disney, Sony, The New York Times and Facebook use WordPress to power their websites. In fact, WordPress is the chosen content management system (CMS) for roughly one third of the world’s websites. It’s popularity as the universally preferred CMS is warranted. It is easy to manage, with an in-built update management system. All you need is your login to WordPress and you will be notified and prompted to make any necessary updates. WordPress uses a backup plugin to store backups of your site, and overall is very security conscious. WordPress websites are also more SEO friendly than other CMS hosted sites. This means on average they tend to rank higher on Google thanks to WordPress’s high-quality code makeup.

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