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Achieving meaningful Google rankings isn’t easy. It takes time, commitment, patience and some comprehensive expert SEO knowledge. Pixel Pie are the team who are here to help you navigate through the darkness of the back pages of Google’s search rankings, and ultimately guide your business to that coveted first page. 

We understand the frustration and disappointment business owners experience with some Perth SEO agencies. When you’re one of many on a long list of clients it’s quite easy to feel undervalued and overlooked. That’s why we offer our SEO service with a difference.

We don’t do lock-in contracts, we would rather earn your business through hard work and results. We provide FREE SEO consultations for Perth businesses, and we give genuine advice regarding what level of SEO is best for you. We don’t take on clients unless we believe we can achieve the results they want. Our SEO services are priced fairly, no more paying premium prices for underwhelming results.

Arrange a free consultation today and find out if we are the right SEO team for you.


Determining your business’s SEO needs can be a little tricky. We’ll sit down with you and discuss how SEO can benefit your business, areas where your current SEO may be lacking, as well as other ways to improve your overall digital strategy.

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Simply put, SEO is what determines website’s organic rankings on search engines such as Google. It is the silent yet extremely powerful component that can help ensure the long-term success of your business. Something that you can’t afford to take lightly.

The principles behind SEO rankings are simple. The most authoritative and relevant website related to a search query (keyword) will receive a higher organic search ranking. The process behind achieving high SEO rankings however is not so simple. That’s why businesses use Perth SEO experts such as ourselves in order to give themselves the best chance of achieving high search rankings.

SEO isn’t just about concentrating on getting that big volume keyword on page. 1 either (although that is still always a focus). Being strategic and targeting multiple long-tailed keywords could potentially bring in more business than one main keyword. Also, never to be overlooked, Local SEO is a great way to attract quality leads right at your doorstep.


As two of Perth’s leading SEO consultants we hear this question a lot. One way to answer that question is by asking another; how important is it to you that your customers can easily find your product/service?

Whilst that might sound a tad cheeky it is actually just the simplest ways to emphasise the importance of search engine optimisation. In today’s online orientated world your website is your best platform to pitch your product/service to your customers. While traditional media may still have its place in advertising, for the average Perth business owner SEO is unquestionably your most sustainable means of attracting traffic and leads. Without SEO, you’ll have far fewer eyes on your business.

SEO isn’t just about increasing your visibility online. It’s about increasing your visibility to the right audience. Getting eyes on your website is great. Really though what you’re interested in is attracting quality leads. Quality leads are the kind that will actually result in a purchase, and at the end of the day that’s what really matters.


As mentioned before your SEO rankings are largely determined by how relevant your web page is to the search query and how authoritative your website is deemed to be. So how do you make your web page relevant to search queries? Content and keyword density.

Not just any old content either but high-quality content. The same goes for keywords. You can’t just cram keywords on a page to hit for that specific search phrase on Google. You need an SEO expert eye for that kind of thing. Lucky for you ours are as sharp as they come. Then there is technical SEO, which can get…well technical. Quality content, strategic keyword placement and highly tuned technical SEO make for strong on-page SEO.

Secondly, authority. Some authority can only be earned over time i.e. age of domain. Otherwise you need off-page SEO, known as link building. Getting links from other authoritative sites helps Google recognise your site’s authority. Link building takes patience, hard work and the right know-how.


Keyword Research

Finding all those niche keywords that ultimately will be used to attract quality traffic to your site. Includes competitor research to find any potential extra traffic.

Quality Content

The backbone of a successful site. Knowing the right amount of content and the appropriate style is the key to making your site appealing to the consumer.

Technical SEO

Meta data, site tags and much more. It's not exactly the most exciting aspect of SEO. But it's got to be done, and done right to positively influence rankings.

Link Building

Perhaps the trickiest and most time consuming part of SEO, but one of the most important. This is where the expertise of professionals really pays off.

Local SEO

Get your website in the view of your local regular customers. Any SEO campaign should include local SEO in its overall strategy.

Google My Business Setup

Put yourself on the map, quite literally. GMB is the best way for nearby customers to find your business and for you build a loyal customer base.

Rank Tracking

Tracking your keyword rankings over time is a great way to see the impact of SEO. There are dozens of keywords to follow and we'll keep track of them all.

Analysis & Reporting

We'll keep track of your SEO campaign's progress constantly to make things are on track. You'll receive a report after the first month then every quarter.

Don't Waste Traffic

Having strong SEO and high Google rankings is great. High website visibility, tonnes of free organic traffic. You'll be flooded with leads right? Well that depends...

Websites That Convert

Not all websites are created equal. There are those that convert leads and those that bounce them back off. Which one is yours?
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Say No to SEO Contracts!

We don't ask our clients to sign SEO contracts. We prefer to earn your business through results. Don't get locked into SEO that doesn't deliver.

No Contracts + Affordability

As well as no contracts, we provide the best value SEO you'll find in Perth. If you need more than standard then we can provide. Otherwise pay for only what you need. No shady up-sells.
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Need Instant Leads?

SEO is an absolute necessity for businesses. But it's a long game. Wouldn't it be amazing to attract quality leads whilst your organic rankings build?

AdWords Are an Investment

Don't see AdWords as expenditure. With correct management they are a viable method of attracting leads instantly and ultimately provide a solid ROI.
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SEO is a tough game. People invest huge amounts of money into their SEO campaigns and can end up with little to show for it in terms of search rankings. Unfortunately this includes many Perth businesses owners who put their faith in a big SEO agency. Yes, agencies are generally reliable and reputable. But there are downsides to them. And they can in no way guarantee organic search rankings.

We have clients who originally came to us very wary of using another Perth SEO service. We don’t blame them. If you’ve been burnt by an SEO agency before then you’ll know the frustration that goes with it. Waiting months and months to see results, being told all efforts are being made and then ultimately seeing very underwhelming results for all that money you invested.

Paying for a “premium level” SEO package isn’t going to get you results either. It’s the team behind the service that you want to be sure whom you’re investing in. That’s why it pays to have SEO providers such as Pixel Pie. Who aren’t a huge nationwide company. We’re real people like you, and our focus is on providing the best SEO service to local Perth businesses.


Agency or freelance, theres more than a few Perth “SEO specialists” to choose from. As a business owner how should you go about choosing the right service for you?

We’ve mentioned SEO agencies and how they can be a source of disappointment for some businesses. It is worth mentioning though that some big businesses may be more suited to an agency. Large companies with huge marketing budgets will require the manpower of a fully loaded agency. And if they overspend on a SEO campaign it will hardly make a dent in total overheads.

But those clients aren’t for us. We prefer to work with small and medium Perth businesses because we know we have what it takes to help them achieve their online marketing goals. As a business owner you want a local SEO team on your side. It’s much harder to partner up with someone interstate. Face to face consultations make communication much easier for a working relationship.


At Pixel Pie we love what we do. We set out to be independent freelancers for one main reason. We wanted to feel more involved with every client we work with. We want to see the the success and impact that our campaigns bring to our clients. 

We didn’t want to be handling dozens of accounts like we would working at a SEO agency, watching them come and go. No we would rather be 100% involved all of the way. Build strong client working relationships and really feel like we were providing an excellent and honest service to local Perth businesses.

And that is what we believe we do. Our clients enjoy a convenience and level of service only possible from search marketing freelancers. No client is put ahead of another, every business we work on gets our complete focus. If you need more convincing contact us today and arrange a consultation. Even if it’s just fora bit of SEO advice.

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