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How do you generate leads online fast? Google AdWords. What’s the best way to ensure that you’re getting the highest possible ROI from your AdWords campaign? With strategic planning, creative ad copy and constant analysis and refinement.

Not everyone though has the knowledge or time to be constantly monitoring their AdWords campaign. That’s why Perth businesses rely on professionals such as the Pixel Pie team to manage their Google Ad campaigns. That way you can put your time to better use whilst still reaping the benefits of a strategic AdWords campaign.

We have the experience and industry knowledge to navigate around all the common pitfalls that hamper the success of many self-managed Google Ad campaigns. As your AdWords management team, we’ll create you a campaign designed to attract quality traffic to your site and turn them into quantifiable leads.

Unlike other agencies we won’t lock in you into a contract either. We prefer to earn your business each month by providing a campaign that delivers a viable ROI. Call us today to arrange your free AdWords consultation.


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Some business owners are wary of using AdWords, whether it be because of prior sour experiences with agencies or due to a misunderstanding of the actual function of Google Ads. We can sit down together to discuss how exactly proper AdWord management could benefit your business.    


You’ve likely heard of AdWords, or Google Ads as they are now known as, and if you have been on Google lately then you definitely would of seen them. Google Ads are based on a pay per click model where you essentially pay to place an ad your business at the top of Google’s search results. The higher you bid, the more value Google gives your ad, the higher it will place. 

As the model suggests, for each click on your ad, you will be charged a monetary sum, usually around the same value as your bid. It’s so simplistic in theory that it’s not uncommon for people to try a bit of DIY Google AdWords. That’s when you find out how a poorly planned AdWords campaign can quickly tear through your budget whilst not even luring those quality leads you were hoping for.

That’s why businesses rely on professional AdWords Management services such as ourselves. We are able to navigate the typical pitfalls of poorly managed AdWords and in turn construct Google Ad campaigns designed to bring quality traffic to your site whilst optimising your budget.


In most cases, yes probably. You pay a fee, your business gets placed at the top of Google, you get potential buyers to your website. There’s not much not to like about it.

However, no one should dive head first into pay per click advertising. Everyone’s situation is unique and AdWords management may not be financially viable for some, and for some it won’t be their main overall long term strategy.

At Pixel Pie, we would rather take your business down the road that most likely leads to the best results. We would much rather you be happy with the return that you get from investing our services so that you will see our value as your Perth AdWords Management experts.

Give us a call today and we will help you figure out if Google AdWords is a right fit for your business.


Keyword Research

AdWords isn't about targeting every keyword. You need to be targeting the right keywords. We'll find the best search terms that will bring in the traffic you want.

Text Ad Copywriting

Having an ad that is relevant is more important than the highest placed ad. We'll write your ad copy to help make it stand out to the buyer.

Ad Split Testing

It's important to run multiple ads simultaneously and identify the best performing ads. This requires constant tracking and alterations to your campaign.

Campaign Setup

From start to finish we'll go through every step in your AdWords campaign to ensure it's setup properly from day dot.

Bid Optimisation

The all important budget. You want to be sure you're getting the most for your money and this is exactly what we'll do for you.

Analysis & Reporting

Constant tracking and analysis to ensure your money is being spent wisely. You'll be sent a report after every month so you can see exactly where your money has gone.

Traffic Friendly Websites

Getting traffic to your site, whether it be organic or paid, is great. Traffic is virtually pointless though if it doesn't flow through into actual leads. So what's the trick?

Get a Website That Converts

Not all websites are created equal. There are those that convert leads and those that bounce them back off. Which one is yours?
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Pay Month-to-Month

At Pixel Pie we don't do term contracts. We'd rather earn your business on a monthly basis and give you the freedom to decide if you no longer need our services.


We've done our best to make all of our services as affordable as possible. Being freelancers this means you'll be hard pressed to find more competitive pricing.
No Contracts + Affordability

Thinking More Long Term?

AdWord are great for generating quick leads to your business. But if you'd like to generate traffic to your site without having to pay per click then there's a solution.

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is the key to ranking your website organically without having to pay for ads. It's a long game but one that ultimately pays off as you can establish yourself as high ranking organic business.
I Want to Rank Organically


The most common misconception around Google Ads is that they are too expensive to be viable for the average Perth business owner. The simple fact is, when managed strategically, AdWords increase your web traffic, attract genuine leads and ultimately increase sales. 

The average cost-per-click of a Google Ad is reflective of the competitive nature of that industry. The average cost of ads for that industry can only go so high, it is basic law of supply and demand. If ads are too expensive and people stop bidding for ads, Google makes no money from ads. 

What this means in essence is that Google Ads are always financially viable as a means of generating profit for a business. By the law of economics if they weren’t then Google’s pay per click model would cease to function.

As mentioned though, poorly managed AdWords are capable of draining your budget without any meaningful leads. Although they work fast, there are no shortcuts when it comes to AdWords, they must be done right and to a specific plan.


Tired of suffering the headaches that come with working alongside big digital marketing agencies? Feel like you the one having to make the effort and fit your business’s needs around them? 

That is why we set out to to build what we have with Pixel Pie, a search engine marketing service to suit the needs of Perth local business owners. We’re not looking to build up a stack of clients as high as we can. We want to build up strong working relationships with people like us, independent business owners. We only work with people we believe we are able to meet their expectations, because above all else we aim to meet those expectations.  

So if you’re interested in working with two experienced and dedicated freelancers, please don’t hesitate to get in touch today. We offer free consultations where we can give our advice on how best to help your business. 

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