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Are you a local business owner? Ever considered partnering with a couple of Perth’s digital marketing gurus to give your business that shot in the arm that’ll help see it step up to the next level? 

If your answer was yes to both questions then congratulations you’re in luck, it just so happens there is the perfect digital marketing team right on your doorstep. Introducing Pixel Pie, your local online marketing Perth based professionals. Partnering with us means you and your business will benefit from the expertise and experience of two passionate internet marketers. 

Our extensive industry knowledge and commitment to delivering exceptional results to our clients is what helps put us above our competition. That includes any of the big brand digital marketing agencies. Combine that with our free consultations, extremely reasonable pricing and focus on client communication, we proudly offer an overall level of service that any other Perth digital marketing provider would find tough to match. 

How Do We Achieve Such Great Results for Our Clients?

Thanks to our concentrated focus. We don’t spread ourselves thin, instead we target the three core areas that are the foundations of a successful search marketing strategy; search engine optimisation (SEO), Google AdWords, and effective web design. With any or all those components of online marketing, as well the support of two seasoned search marketing professionals, your business will be all set to compete in the toughest of markets. 



Looking to generate instant leads for your business? That's what Google AdWords is all about. But there's a catch. Without proper campaign management you can very easily blast through your monthly budget and with few leads to show for it. We'll develop a strategically designed AdWords campaign that optimises your budget, and lures in those quality leads right to your website.


It’s no secret. Topping Google's search rankings is the most sustainable way to increase your web traffic and generate leads. How do you achieve this? Through ongoing SEO from experienced and dedicated SEO professionals. Arrange a free SEO consultation with us today and learn more on how our no lock-in contract SEO services can benefit you. No false promises. Just real advice.

Web Design

Owning a successful business in 2019 and beyond is impossible without a website. But good web design is more than just creating a flashy website. It's about creating websites that turn leads into conversions. Don't overpay for a flashy website packed with useless features. Instead get one that's aesthetically pleasing and actually helps you get more sales.


Finding a internet marketing service that suits your business shouldn’t be a headache. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could partner with some experienced internet marketing professionals? Professionals who are genuinely interested in working for you to help achieve greater sales for your company. And who will always make time to talk whether it be for updates, advice or insight. 

That’s precisely the kind of partnership Pixel Pie offers. We want to jump on board and help guide your business towards more online visibility, increased web traffic and higher conversion rates. For us it’s not about building a stack of clients. Our job satisfaction comes from working with local business owners, building strong working relationships and using our expertise in digital marketing to help Perth businesses grow. 

This is how we believe we distinguish ourselves from other Perth digital marketing service providers. We go the extra mile to make absolutely sure we always get the best outcomes. We strive to be fully engaged with each of our clients, developing a strong understanding of their business, and then using this knowledge to build the best marketing strategy for them.


Agencies are generally large companies. As with a lot of services though, bigger companies don’t equate to better services. Admittedly they have a whole brigade of staff and a sleek office to win you over with. They probably even offer complimentary coffee during your initial consultation. Take away the gloss though what really are their major selling points? Will one of the big digital marketing agencies actually provide you with the best level of service?

Just like any industry, with marketing agencies there’s the good, the bad, and the digitally ugly. At the end of the day how successful your digital marketing campaign turns out comes down to focus. How focused is the team handling your account. How many members of staff is your account divided between. How many different accounts are each members of staff charged with handling. This is a huge point of difference between us and a big agency. 100% of Pixel Pie is focused on your account. Two dedicated professionals. One account at a time.  

We know exactly what is going on with your digital marketing campaign. After all we strategise, create, implement and monitor every aspect of it. No passing the buck. No miscommunications between staff. Even better for you because we aren’t an agency our overheads are…well us. Meaning we can offer our professional service at a price that an agency would be hard pressed to match.

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If we sound like the kind of team you’d like to partner up with then take the first step and drop us a line today for a free consultation. We’ll even come to you.

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