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Choosing the right digital marketing team to lead the charge in growing your business’s online visibility, helping to boost your website’s traffic and leads, is one of the most important business decisions you’ll ever have to make. In today’s increasing digitally-dominated world if you don’t have your own digital marketing warrior fully dedicated to increasing your business’s reach online then, odds are, you will find yourself falling behind your competitors.

That’s where Pixel Pie comes in. When you partner with us you’ll benefit from the knowledge and experience of two Perth freelance internet marketing experts, both of whom are highly driven and will work tirelessly to help your business thrive from strategic digital and search marketing. It’s because of our dedication to our work, as well as our passion to work alongside local Perth businesses that we believe we are able to match, and indeed outperform, any of the big brand digital marketing agencies out there.

How are we able to achieve such great results for our clients?

From our concentrated focus, targeting the three core areas that are the foundations of a successful search marketing strategy; search engine optimisation (SEO), Google AdWords, and effective web design. With these three components of online marketing, as well the support of two seasoned search marketing professionals, your business will be set to compete in the toughest markets. Speak to us today and find out more about how Pixel Pie can help you.



Looking to generate instant leads to your business? That's what Google AdWords is all about. Without professional AdWords campaign management though you can very easily blast through your monthly budget and with few leads to show for it. We can develop a strategically designed AdWords campaign that optimises your budget, and lures in those quality leads right to your door.


It’s no secret. Topping Google's search rankings is the most effective and sustainable way to increase your traffic and generate leads. How do you achieve this? Through ongoing SEO from reliable and dedicated SEO experts. Why not arrange a free SEO consultation with us today and learn how our no lock-in contract SEO services can benefit you.

Web Design

Generating business in 2019 and beyond means having a website. But web design is about not only creating a website that is pretty to look at, but more importantly its about creating one that serves it function: to convert leads into sales. Don't pay over the top for a flashy website packed with gimmicks. Instead, pay for one that's aesthetically pleasing, but also one that's practical.


Finding a digital marketing service that suits your business shouldn’t be a headache. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could partner up with experienced internet marketing professionals. Ones who are genuinely interested in working with you to help you reach your business goals. As it goes, we happen to know a pair of freelancers who fit the bill.

We’re here to work for you. We want to jump on board and help steer the express train of your business’s journey to success. We want to see the digital fruits of our labour. For us it’s not about building up a stack of clients, it’s about working with local Perth business owners and using our expertise to help them grow. It’s one of the reasons we provide free consultations. 

This is how we strive to distinguish ourselves from other Perth digital marketing service providers. Going the extra mile to be fully engaged with each of our clients. Developing a strong understanding of their business, and then using this knowledge to build the best marketing strategy for them.


OK sure, agencies are bigger. They have a brigade of staff and a sleek office to win you over with. They probably even offer complimentary coffee for your initial consultation. Pretty hard to beat huh? Well… apart from those things though, ask yourself, will one of the big digital marketing agencies actually provide you with the best level of service?

At the end of the day, the success of your digital marketing campaign comes down to focus. How focused is the team handling your account. How many people are focusing on your account, and how many accounts in turn do they have to focus on. This is a huge point of difference between us and a big agency. 100% of Pixel Pie gets focused entirely on your account.

As independent freelancers we know exactly what is going on with your digital marketing campaign. After all, we strategise, create, implement and monitor every aspect of it. Even better for you, because we are freelancers and our overheads are…well us, meaning we can offer our expert services at prices other providers would be hard pressed to beat. We’re also a big advocate of transparency, so our clients have a much better idea of how their money is being spent.

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